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10 days “Wild Valleys Tour” from Jety-Oguz to Turgen-Ak-Cuu

Wild Valleys Tour
SEASON: June to September

Red Rocks of Jety-Oguz, Broken Heart Rock, Tien Shan Forest,  Chon-Kok-Jar Pass, Ala Kol Pass , Altyn Arashan Hot Springs, pasture land and river full of fish in Almaluu valley, flower covered pasture of Ailanish, Tashstanbek Tor Bashy Peak (4567m), high mountain lakes and waterfalls in Jergez

1. Day:  Transfer by car to Jety-Oguz sanatorium (40km from Karakol), on the way discovery of the Red Rocks and the Broken Heart Rock. Introduction to the horses, instructions and departure on horseback through the Tien Shan forest of the Jety-Oguz gorge. On the way discovery of the “Dragon valley”. Time on horseback 5 hours. Camping at 2600m.

2. Day: Riding to Karakol valley through Irduk valley. Time on horseback 6-7 hours. Camping in Karakol valley.

3. Day:  Approach to Kashka-Suu valley from Karakol valley over Djaman-Tor pass (3560m). On the way discovery of the Karakol ski base at 3000m with panorama on Karakol and Issyk-Kul Lake. Time on horseback about 5 hours. Camping in Kashka-Suu valley.

4. Day:  Departure to Altyn Arashan through Djaman-Tor valley. Passing of the Chon-Kok-Jar Pass. Riding up through Tien Shan forest of the Altyn Arashan valley to the Hot Springs. View on Peak Palatka (5020m) at the bottom of the Arashan valley. Time on horseback 4-5 hours. Camping or stay in a guesthouse at the Hot Springs.

5. DayDay ride to close valley Takir-Tor with possibility to take a bath in natural hot springs.

6. Day: Departure to Almaluu valley through to the typical summer pasture Angir-Tor with its small lakes. Passing of the pass Ashu-Tor (3600m). Time on horseback 6-7 hours. Camping in Almaluu valley.

7. Day: Ride to Jergez valley through remote and flower cowered pasture Ailanish. On the way view on Tashstanbek tor Bashy (4567m) and passing of Ailanish pass (3671m). Time on horseback 7-8 hours. Camping nearby mountain lakes and a waterfall in Jergez valley.

8. Day: Passing to the Bos-Uchuk valley over the Jergez pass (3516m). Time on horseback 6-8 hours.

9. Day: Crossing to the next valley Turgen-Aksuu over the Bos-Uchuk pass at 3400m. On the way wide pastureland and shepherds’ yurts. Possibility to taste kumiss (traditional beverage from fermented horse milk). Time on horseback 7 hours.

10. Day: Riding down the Turgen-Aksuu valley and transfer by car back to Jolgolot (Karakol). Time on horseback 4 hours.

Jety-Oguz Broken Heart Rock

Jety-Oguz Red Rocks