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One Day Horseback Riding Near Karakol

One Day Horseback Riding Near Karakol
The classical tour last between 5 - 6 hours.
It starts at Bulak Say Horseback Riding Yurt Camp near Karakol.  It goes close to the Karakol Ski base where you will have lunch and then you will go to the Karakol Vally and then close to the Karakol River and then back to the Yurt camp.  It's really worth the trip and it's a great way for anyone to spend a day in the mountains!

*Make sure to bring a lunch and 2 liters of water per person
The start of the tour talking about safety
The start of the horseback riding is very easy going

The View of the Vally near the Karakol Ski base

The professional guide for the tour

A great place to have lunch

The View of Karakol Vally 

Going down to the Karakol River

The view of the Karakol Vally 

The view of Karakol City

Going back to the start of the tour