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4-5 days “The Secrets of Altyn Arashan” from Jolgolot to Altyn Arashan Hot Springs and valleys

The Secrets of Altyn Arashan
SEASON: June to September

Altyn Arashan Hot Springs, approach to Palatka Peak (5020m), waterfalls, wild hot springs

1. Day:  Instructions and departure on horseback from our horse base through the Kok-Tyz (“blue field”) pasture and up through the Altyn Arashan valley. Time on horseback about 4 hours. Camping or stay in a guesthouse at the Hot Springs.

2. Day:  Ride up into remote Tashtektir valley with waterfall (possibility to bath), then further to the end of the valley to the camping place. From there short hike on foot to a panorama point with great view on Palatka Peak (5020m). 6-7 hours on horseback.

3. Day:  Ride into Takir Tor valley. Camping at the wild hot springs (possibility to bath). 4-5 hours on horseback.

4. Day: Return to Altyn Arashan Hot Springs. Possibility to make an excursion to the typical summer pasture Angir-Tor with its small lakes. Time on horseback 3-4 hours.

5. Day: Return to the horse base down through Altyn Arashan valley and Kok-Tyz (“blue field”) pasture back to Jolgolot. Time on horseback 3-4 hours.

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Tashtektir valley

Tashtektir valley with waterfall