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4 days – “ Highlight Tour” From Jolgolot village to Kashka-suu valley, Altyn Arashan valley

Highlight Tour
SEASON: June to September

wide pastures in Kashka-suu valley and view on glacier and Peak Przewalski  (4271m), Altyn Arashan Hot Springs, view on Palatka Peak (5020m), Ala Kol Pass (3850 meters) and Ala Kol Lake (at 3500 m)

1. Day:  Instructions and departure on horseback from our horse base. Approach to Kashka-Suu valley from Karakol National Park. On the way discovery of the Karakol ski base at 3000m with panorama on Karakol and Issyk-Kul Lake. Time on horseback 6-7 hours. Camping in Kashka-Suu valley.

2. Day:  Departure to Arashan valley passing of the Chon Kok Jar Pass (3560m). Riding up through Tien Shan forest of the Altyn Arashan valley to the Hot Springs. View on Peak Palatka at the bottom of the Arashan valley. Time on horseback about 5 hours. Camping or stay in a guesthouse at the Hot Springs.

3. Day:  Day hike to the Ala Kol Lake, riding up Keldike valley until bottom of the pass and crossing Ala-kol pass (3850 meters) on feet. Return to the Hot Springs for overnight. Total time for the day hike 7-8 hours.

4. Day: Return to the horse base down through Altyn Arashan valley and Kok-Tyz (“blue field”) pasture back to Jolgolot. Time on horseback 3-4 hours.

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The Arashan Valley